Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Journal Theme: NEW!

Hey, the January Journal theme for "Dawn's Journal Journey" and "Zinnia's Journal Journey" is the same: NEW!  So I am using this spread for both. The text reads: I give thanks for the years gone by and open the door to a new year. Every new year offers the delight of new ideas.

Basic Process:

-The sketchbook is a Stillman & Birn Alpha Series.

-Spread color with Yarka watercolors using a brush.. any colors I felt like. No plans.

-Spread bits of colors here and there using a charge card and Golden's fluid acrylics. Again no real plans.

-Spread Gesso with card, then smooth a bit with a foam brush. I applied gesso to the two center areas of page. Two coats. Don't let dry inbetween coats.

-Hurry! Before it can dry write text or draw images into wet gesso with a ballpoint pen that doesn't write anymore. Wipe tip of pen free of gesso periodically so you get a clean line. The colors of paint beneath the gesso show through.

-Dry gessoed areas with heat gun, then add Golden fluid acrylic paints with your finger and wipe with paper towel, and rub extra paint into marks of writing as you wish. Wipe bits of areas with a damp towel so it takes more color. I used Raw Umber,Van Dyke Brown, and Burnt Umber Light.

-Use Goldens Molding paste to apply numbers, letters, or other shapes with stencils. Dry with heat gun. Iused metal stencils: number 4 and the letter D

-Add some splashes of iridescent colors (Goldens fluid acrylics) as you wish. I used Iridescent Copper (fine) and Iridescent Silver (fine).

- The stripes of color are added with W&N inks and a soft brush. Also add ink color to the stenciled paste, and any other areas on your pages to help blend it all together. I used white, ultramarine blue, sunshine yellow, violet and green.

- Use a PITT Graphite Pure 9B pencil (Faber-Castell) to shade stenciled paste areas and to outline face details. Use this pencil in certain parts of your lettering that you want to stand out, too. For example, I may only trace one or two letters of a word.

-Use a soft brush to swipe areas with the W&N white ink. Then gently wipe with a paper towel. This helps blend and softens areas where maybe the paint color was too bold.

-And last, use Caran D'ache oil pastels to highlight face and background colors to pull it all together and to add shadows or highlights. Use your fingers to blend.



Dawn said...

Hi Darlene, Happy new year to you hun. Loving the texture you know what I like lol. I love the writing technique you used love the effect. Thanks for joining Journal Journey's for the beginning of a new year Love Dawn xx

Darlene K Campbell said...

Thanks Dawn...and it's good to see you this new year.