Sunday, February 24, 2013

Michael DeMeng's PEZ Totem Altering Workshop

Built the body with Apoxie Clay (this is amazing stuff), the arms were cut from an action figure, and the texture on the body is cheesecloth. That is a handmade glass eyeball my friend Dave Hunter makes. See his badge in the left side bar.

I made this face with apoxie clay and set it in a found piece of metal.

Alien Mamas have lovely mammories. (What can I say...they do.)

Alien Mamas give babies new brain matter. Used DeMeng's methods/recipes for layering paints.

Side view. Yes, this is an actual PEZ dispenser. The head will still flip open for candy.

Back view.

Alien Wire man. He gets energy from stealing electrical wiring. This is really why we have power outages. Notice the letter E stamped on his belly. I used a metal letter tool.

Side view.

Back view with more lettering stamped.

Alien arch home was not part of DeMeng's workshop. I just got carried away and am thinking of making an entire Alien village. The arch was inspired by Judy Wise, her Nicho project from the book, "Plaster Studio" by Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee. It covers mixed-media techniques for painting, casting and sculpting. It is one of the best art instructional books out there.(Northlight Books) Next project I want to try from this book is the Foam Santo and Nicho Journal.

Michael DeMeng's online workshops are a hoot! Hope to take a live workshop with him soon and perhaps one day I'll get to explore wax with Judy Wise.