Sunday, July 7, 2013

Artful Gathering 2013

I took my first class with Pam Carriker through 2011 Strathmore workshops. I was thrilled to take her portrait class through Artful Gathering in 2012. The group experience was fun and memorable...enough that a facebook group (About Face) developed as a result. I felt as if Pam were sitting with me in my studio.

I typically draw with ink then go right to the paints. I never sketch with a pencil. I surprised myself that I could achieve this with a pencil and a blending stump. Pam's "face mapping" is ingenious and the structure of what I learned has definately transferred to painting portraits for me. If you want to know what face mapping is you'll have to take her "Still Pursuing Portraits" class at Artful Gathering 2013.

See some of my older posts here, June2012 to see more sketches from Pam's class.

Register for "Still Pursuing Portraits" with Pam Carriker 2013 class:

It's a whole lot of summer studio fun over at Artful Gathering,

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Raylee said...

such a pensive expression.....really like this one!