Monday, July 29, 2013

Stillman & Birn Illustrated Journal

Some of these porcelain figurines I admired at my grandmother's homes when I was a child. Painting them is so much more delightful than taking a photo of them.

Today I drew my mom's vintage bracelet. (Uh oh, there's another grouping of items to draw.

Wouldn't you love to have a year just to draw everything in your house? Imagine the obsessive quality of that. But I'd love to take on that challenge.



nzflutterby said...

Go Darlene. I have founf the same. There are so many objects that are fun to draw arounf the house. The sketches have mutliple satisfactions - the art and the memories. You can put them in different lighting and draw them again too.

Love your drawings.

Darlene K Campbell said...

Hello Elaine,
Miss chatting with you so I am soooo happy you stopped by. Will take your idea of sketching them in different lighting.
Hope your family is well, especially your mum.