Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Freedom of Imagination and Becoming Our Authentic Selves

I have found a treasure. authentic self. (Or at least I'm on my way...)

If I am not my authentic self I cannot create from my imagination.

One direct way I am practicing at becoming my authentic self is to let go of My Image of Perfection. Perfection is based on fear. I have to let go of the stories, the image that others and society have told me I am. When you hear someone say they are trying to find out who they are it is likely to mean they are trying to stop listening to the voices that are in their mind. You know that monkey mind, or constant chatter we have been programmed to listen to and believe since we were children. Artists often talk about monkey mind...we're famous for this. I think we tend to get block based on this fear and chatter.

This chatter is rooted in fear.

Where did this fear come from? Why had I attached emotion and jugdement about myself to it? As we grow up we attach an image of what perfection is in order to measure up or to be good enough. We put on social masks, we start to pretend, and we are so afraid that someone will notice we are not who we pretend to be. We start to judge ourselves. Not only that we start to judge others according to our image of perfection. Will we ever be that perfect image? Nah. Look around you. People constantly punish themselves for not being who they believe they should be, or who they were told they should be. We are our worst critics. We constantly judge ourselves based on this image of perfection. Then we feel shame and guilt towards ourselves.

As you've grown your personality has formed based on years of telling yourself,
or others telling you what you believe,
or feel,
or ways to behave,
what is right or wrong,
or who you are or can or cannot be.

People can go through life suffering and hiding who they are because of fear. Because of being rejected or judged. And not always by others but by yourself. We can be our worst critics. I don't even like to think of some of the risks I took as a teenager because I wanted to fit in. Because I didn't want to be rejected. Then I thought I was being cool. Now I know I was lost and scared. I wasn't writing but I wanted to. I wasn't painting much because I didn't know how it'd be received. Plus I was rebelling against that image of perfection.

I could wallpaper my walls with all the creative ideas I've had power through me then let fizzle away because of fear...because of that image of perfection. Or because I allowed another's comments to define my choices. Or because I felt guilty for buying art supplies instead of repairing the cracked window, or I listened to monkey mind...

-be sensible you don't have the time or money to do that,
-you're starting now? Aren't you too old?
-You don't have a degree,
-it's just a hobby. That's not art,
-how are you going to get there? (sarcastic laughter),
-who do you think you are... you work at a covenience store,

We were born with a light and power inside us. That's what we need to tell young people. That you are here to define that light and power and purpose. That you have the right and we damn well expect you to swirl in the glitter and glitz of the imagination until you come out on the other side  living with inner peace, love, and true happiness.....

the rest will come easily after this,

when we no longer allow fear to control us,

and we truly experience our beautiful minds and we recognize and experience love, happiness, light and power, plus artistic spirit in the present moment,


we become true to ourselves and our art.



Chongolio Randybain said...

Good stuff Darlene. The first step in freeing your mind is being able to identify the chatter of the monkey mind and know that it is not the true intuitive voice of your higher self. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Darlene K Campbell said...

HI Chongolio...lovely to hear from you. I wrote what you said in my journal so I can remind myself of this as I practice. Thanks!

JackieP Neal said...

Oh my Darlene....I have tears running down my cheeks- thank you thank you thank you forreminding me that it is just my monkey mind!! You are awesome- and I love you dear friend! Now on with our show!! xoxo

Darlene Campbell said...

Yay Jackie...I made you cry. Joking aside, I imagine all writers and artists want an emotional response from their audience whether it is positive or negative. I rate a good cry as a very positive reaction. Thanks for sharing and I'm pleased you liked it. Perhaps I'll get that book finished soon and you can read it in its entirety. HUGS-