Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Won This Fabulous Art Journaling Workshop with Kate Crane
A generous Giveaway indeed on Kate Crane's blog thekathrynwheel. I can hardly believe she gave away two spots for this art journaling workshop and I was one of the winners. I was just talking to my friend Jackie about how much I wanted to participate with all of these great amazing way to start the year in 2014! Thanks Kate.


Finished the Surface Techniques with Seth Apter

The DVD by Seth Apter by North Light

From this painted grid......

to this finished project!

Side view

Amazing texture results

Added Chinese stamps Seth gave me


Friday, September 20, 2013

Metal Stamps Replace the Printed Words

Purchased this piece of art from Seth Apter

Pondered about those words stamped on the ribbon all afternoon. Became a bit more friends with them after I added the wash of yellow india ink and the charcoal pencil. But still...nah!
I purchased this piece of art (in the top photo) from Seth Apter. I have it placed in my art studio. I see it every time I sit to think over a painting, to read or meditate. I love those metal stamps and I asked him if he had anymore. Seth surprised me with some when he mailed my package out. I was considering hoarding them instead of using them, but today I realized this is what my piece needed. So I covered those words with two stamps. Thanks for the idea Seth.


Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday theme for today is "TOGETHER." This is a watercolor and ink painting in my Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook. Yarka Pan Watercolors. India Ink (W&N) and an old steel nib dip pen. This was inspired by a photograph of my husband's mother (R) and her sister (L) taken infront of a shed. Going for the feel of a vintage photograph.


A Wash of India Ink...

Adhering the collage onto cradle board.

Press firmly.

Lay paper over the collage and roll with brayer.

Place paper on collage and set heavy books until dry.
A wash of yellow india ink to blend it all and to age it.

Woodless graphite 9B charcoal pencil to shadow bright spots.

The words (Confidential Draft) I stamped onto the ribbon was not blending into the piece as I had hoped, so I put a wash of Sunshine Yellow India Ink (W&N) on the entire piece. Next I saw bright spots and I used a woodless graphite 9B pencil to shade some of these areas.

What's next? I will be attaching this to a Utrecht Artist Wood Panel (10 x 10 size, 7/8" Cradled Profile). And the final step will be to decide if I frame it, or build my own creative framing from found objects. Need to ponder on that....


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Closing in on the Finishing Steps of Seth Apter's Surface Technique Project

From this,
 To this,
But not done yet.
What's next?
To define how I will utilize this piece.

Grey Dey Thursdey Grunge

Practicing (and still practicing) Grunge Transfers. These techniques are part of Julie Prichard's on-line workshop "Grunge." I'm working in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

Click on the Badge for "Grey Dey Thursdey" in the right sidebar to see other fabulous grey inspiration. It's one of my favorite places to visit every Thursdey!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Mixed Media Surface Techniques with Seth Apter

The two completed sheets of painted/textured watercolor paper. Deciding which section to cut for the collage.

Cutting roughly a 10x11 size to use as collage. Liked the reds and purples in this section.

The pieces waiting for a new design. Just like making your own puzzle.

Choosing some words to incorporate. Office supply ink stamps on silk ribbon. We'll see if it works.

Yes, I like how adding the gel medium to aadhere it to the substrate made the ink bleed a bit.

And now the mediative process of adhering each piece of cut paper to the substrate (watercolor paper) to build the collage. I cut some wovwn ribbon to add. Flipped one piece over so it showed the metallic threads. See upper left and right side near the word "Draft." I can see this is a "be patient this will take some time" step.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Making Marks with Seth Apter's "Surface Techniques"

This has been something like writing a by page...chapter by chapter...then one day you write "The End." But, not yet with this project. (There's still more fun stuff to come.) I have finished with the final steps of mark making. Seth uses rub on letters in a raw and organic way that I liked but I couldn't find mine since I moved my studio into another room. So, I used India ink and a bamboo dip pen to make circles, half circles, lines, words, or parts of words and phrases. It doesn't have to make sense. I just want to instill a spirit and energy of a story there. I used a white Gelly roll pen to scribble designs or hi-lite certain areas. I used a woodless graphite 9B pencil to shadow or outline areas. And the final step was to spatter some grey paint across it all. I have never spattered paint before...not on purpose...and now I see why Seth said this was one of his favorite steps.

I like an instructional video that you can work from step by step, or pull out components of it and zig-zag all over the place. I've been able to do that with this DVD by following his techniques for the art piece as a whole, but substituting materials I had in my studio and still getting similar and great results. 

What's next with this project?
We cut it up.
What? All of that work and you cut it up?
See my next post to see why....


Exploring More Surface Techniques with Seth Apter

Previous posts have highlighted exploring Seth Apter's DVD, "Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques." I've been building layers of texture on a large sheet of watercolor paper that has been cut in half. Here I am adding some light additions of texture using gesso spread on bubble wrap and Fed Ex packaging. Next I'll add some abstract marks using an old gift card and Golden Fluid Acrylics....Qinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and Iridescent Gold Deep (fine). Stay posted.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Painted Grid with Seth Apter

This is the mixed media painted grid I produced from Seth Apter's DVD "Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques." You'll see in my next post how I applied texture using gesso and other tools of choice. I already have everything in my studio to complete this project, except for the textured wallpaper Seth uses. I will be adding that to my stash soon.

This is painted on a large sheet of watercolor paper. I have viewed the entire video and I can testify that when Seth says he loves working in layers that he means it. As I was watching him demonstrate techniques I found myself saying outloud, "Are you kidding me? Is there more? We're not done yet?" I mean this in a surprised, and good way. He builds from the basement upand he keeps building until he's soaring off the rooftop. If you get his video you'll see that this painted grid is merely the beginning to building layers and a great finished piece.


Surface Techniques with Seth Apter

I am working through Seth Apter's DVD titled, "Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques." This is the section of applying texture to the painted grid process. One of his favorite ways to add texture is with gesso and textured wallpaper. I didn't have the wallpaper yet so I used some other options as you can see in the photos.