Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stencil Girl Talk

Do you like stencils? Then follow the yellow brick road to Stencil Girl Talk. Mary Beth Shaw has provided an avenue to receive exclusive stencils, artist video showing use of stencils, and a chance to win a piece of art designed by the artist being showcased that month...and this is every month...but only if you're a Stencil Girl Club member. All for $25.

I don't have much experience using stencils. I suppose it is because I used to see them as something to use if I couldn't draw the image I wanted. Things have changed since your mom used a stencil to stamp paint on the border of her bathroom window. The designs are imaginative and creative and they are so versatile. I was missing out.

I recently followed a blog hop that highlighted a set of Pam Carriker's stencils. It was the color wheels. You know I paint with oils, acrylics and watercolors and one area that I would like to investigate further is with color study. I thought if I win I could use these as a base to develop colors. And I won!!! I'll also be able to use them on my journal pages, or even on canvas. Here's what I love about stencils...I can use the entire image or pieces of it. Paints, pens, wood icing, all of this works with stencils. Visit Stencil Girl Talk to see what all of the talk is about.

P. S. Seth Apter has just released 3 amazing stencils. I bought them all. Pam and Seth have bothed invited artists to send them photos of work you have created using their stencils and they may post it on their blog.




Jackie said...

Cheers to you Miss Darlene! I'll be looking forward to seeing your new art with the stencils! miss you!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Missing you desperately. And I need to get to the art table.

Maria McGuire said...


Thank you so much for the shout out for StencilGirl! We appreciate it!

Maria McGuire
StencilGirl Products