Thursday, December 25, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

Inspirational Quotes Illustrated

5x8" Moleskine Watercolor Paper, Yarka Professional Watercolors

I received my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors today and I always flip through magazines from the back to the front. The first page I opened to was page 91, which is a review for Lesley Riley's book, "Inspirational Quotes Illustrated: Art and Words to Motivate." (I just love that title.)

I was happy and surprised to see one of my two pieces highlighted. That's my art top left, "Nothing Standard Here" with the quote, It always seems impossible until it's done. -Nelson Mandela

Did I tell you this book has perforated pages so you could tear out a favorite and hang it in your studio for inspiration or even frame it?

This is a lovely book. One to sit quietly with in an overstuffed chair with a blanket and a cup of herbal tea (spiked if you prefer.)


Friday, November 28, 2014

My Art is Published in Lesley Riley's Book

24x36 Acrylic on canvas
(Self portrait)

I've had to wait months and months to be able to show this painting to you because it was chosen to be published in Lesley Riley's book, "Inspirational Quotes Illustrated: Art and Words to Motivate."  The first release of this book "Quotes Illustrated" can be purchased on Amazon as a collector book. The second release has 30 more pieces of art/quotes and has been picked up by Northlight Publishing.

The quote I chose to accompany this painting is:
So you see the imagination needs moodling, long inefficient happy idling, dawdling and puttering. -Brenda Ueland

I am proud and grateful to have two pieces of art published in these books. (Thank you Lesley.)

See the ad for this book in the right sidebar. Click on the photo of the book, or the links above, to purchase. This book is full of beautiful, inspiring artwork and quotes. A lovely and meaningful gift.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Drawing in Public...EEK!

I'd love to gain confidence with sketching in public. EEK! So I gave it a go at the Thanksgiving gathering today. I tried to chat and draw and not let my nephew and niece (Cody and Chelsea Rettig) realize I was drawing them. But they knew. (The look on their faces kind of gives this away.) At least they didn't ask me to stop. At least I got a cartoon out of the experience.
If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope it was wonderful.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Acrylic Study with Julie Prichard

Ha, I signed up for Julie Prichard's class "  8 Great Paintings"
last November. I had painted the first layer, let the canvas sit for a year, and just finished the painting today. That is why I appreciate Julie's classes being forever!

This study was about layering and blending colors in some mark making which I love to include.

This is a 9x12 canvas. I primarily used Golden Fluid acrylics, a smidgeon of Golden High Fluid acrylics, Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin). And one flat brush. I highlighted the markings with Golden Iron Micaseous that stuff.

Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard have published a valuable book for acrylic painters titled, "Acrylic Solutions...exploring mixed media layer by layer" (Northlight Books)


Mixed-Media Painting on Cradle Board

This is inspired by a study from two classes (Tabletop Drawing and Painting Your Garden) I took with Diane Culhane   over on Carla Sonheim's creative-adventerous blog 

Carla offers a variety of classes which she teaches herself or hosts for other instructors to teach.
I'll say it simply: Good stuff, a welcoming spirit, and good results from Carla's classes.

This is painted on a 6x6" cradle board. I used YARKA Professional Pan Watercolors, Golden Acrylics, Golden Bead Gel, Golden Modeling Paste, Liquitex Glazing Medium, Liquitex Gesso, India Ink, Black Ink, brushes and a palette knife.


What painter am I enthralled with this week? Pierre Bonnard
How about you?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Two Reasons Zebra Likes Ballet

Okay, I know that Zebra may need therapy soon.
I had a grand time crosshatching that skirt.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Zebra Hooks Up

What I'm using to create:

YARKA Professional Artist Watercolors (Pan)
Micron Pens
Gelly Roll Pen (White)
Martha Stewart Glitter Marker (Silver)
Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gel Pen
My Imagination (My Favorite Supply)


Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Elegant Line of Modigliani


Old dip pen and Higgins Black Magic Ink in a Moleskine sketchbook. This was done as an assignment for Sketchbook Skool. Instructor Jean-Christophe Defline asked us to sketch a simple drawing in B&W of a person. Do you know how badly I wanted this to be in color? I chose my favorite artist... well, he's in the top three, but if I have to pick one he's it. Who is your favorite?


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Illustration for SCBWI Local Event


This is an illustration in watercolor and ink for my local Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) event.

The participants had the chioce to write a picture story or illustrate one. I was given a picture story written by another SCBWI member to illustrate. The title of the story was, "The Science Project." The stories and illustrations will be on display in Columbus, OH sometime in the next two months.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Sketchbook Skool: Draw Your First Day of School

Session Three Of Sketchbook Skool is focusing on Storytelling.
Mattias Adolfsson asks us to draw from our memory of our first day of school. I remember that day vividly as it is one of my happiest memories.

(Watercolor and Ink/ Moleskine)


Sunday, October 12, 2014

French Cafe

Would love to experience a French Cafe...with a cat would be okay too.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sketchbook Skool "Storytelling" Has Started

The third session of Sketchbook Skool has started. The focus on this one is "Storytelling." You can join this or the previous two, "Beginnings" and "Seeing." Sketchbook Skool is brilliant and I wouldn't miss it. (neither would Zebra) You can see some videos highlighting the instructors on YouTube.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Clay Models Created from Sketches

Horse sculpture characters for Carla Sonheim's "Year of the Fairytale 2014" on-line class. Currently we are studying the fairy tale, "The Magic Horse." I'm molding 3-D characters from the horse sketches I did previously. What's next? Adding these characters to a mixed-media piece.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Magic Horse Fairytale with Carla Sonheim

I am studying Fairy Tales with Carla Sonheim in "Year of the Fairytale 2014."  These are imaginary drawings of horses using these exercises, Eyes-Closed Drawings, One Liners, Scribbly One Liners, Wrong-Handed Drawings, Draw Horses in Bed (Literally).

I don't have trouble using my imagination when I draw and paint although doing these exercises showed me some surprise results. I found some new ideas. Next to come? Making a clay sculpture of one of these drawings and adding some color. Stay tuned.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seth Apter's Studio Table Tour

Some stuff. EEK! I don't like those things on the floor. (Not sure what that says about me...)

My messiest spot. It's driving me nuts. There is a large wall to the left and I am looking for a wall unit or cubbie shelves from IKEA maybe. I need a place to store canvases too. Right now they are leaned up against the back of my art table and I don't like things sitting on the floor.

This is where I write or waste time on the computer. The chalkboard holds my priority list...hopefully I look at it.

I pull open a drawer, add a sketch board for my paper or sketchbook to sit on and I paint with watercolors like this. (Built in easel) I have to have my space neat and clean to work....UNLESS I'm working on a mixed media piece or an acrylic painting then I can tend to pile things up. But I always clean and set up the area for a new project...otherwise I get distracted or don't even tend to sit down and work cause it's too messy. I also write in this room and I MUST have things simple, quiet and orderly to write. (Hmmm, I need to write at a convent.)

I love the drawers in the front of my art table. (They keep me sane) Inks, pan pastels, ink pads, extra pans of watercolors etc. There are three more containers stacked under the pan pastels. When I need something I just pull a drawer open and pull out the container.
This drawer for acrylics.

Another of the twelve drawers in my art table. This one is for oil paints.

I sit here to watch art videos, read, write, sketch and nap.

A bit of my porch off my studio. It's lovely to extend my creative efforts outside if I choose.

This is a part of the large wrap around porch off my studio where I can read, write or paint too.

The other side of my art table. Big, old and heavy. I love it. There are the drawers for some of my supplies.
These plastic containers keep my supplies organized and they stack in the drawers of my art table. I can get them at Pat Catan's in three sizes.  Thank you for visiting my studio. Seth Apter has invited artists to take a photo of their studio table as it is today. Make sure you visit his blog to take the tour. I love peeking inside artist's studios. Wow, did I find some amazing studios and blogs to explore. Go here