Friday, January 24, 2014

CREATIVE JUMPSTART 2014 / LIQUITEX Gesso, Varnish & Acrylic Paints

I'm participating in my second year at Creative Jumpstart. Nathalie at
hosts a powerhouse of contributing artists such as Dina Wakley and Pam Carriker. The idea is to provide you with a creative, fun place to gain a jumpstart on your creative projects. You'll explore new techniques and be introduced to new materials.

The theme is "household items" which means the artists each share a video showing how they made art with a household item. Nathalie has spectaculor sponsors...Derwent, Liquitex, Stencil Girl, etc. and all participants have a chance of winning some very valuable and BIG art supplies from each sponsor. All you have to do is make art with a household item and/or the sponsored product, then post on your Blog or other public site, and link back to Nathalies Studio. I will be posting the creative projects I've made.

Today is this little journal. I thought of making it when I needed a place to keep all those little pieces of paper with doodles or fun things my favorite young boys say to me. I used to transfer it all to a journal then I decided to make a journal to house the actual scraps of paper with scrawled insight and ideas. I especially like that it rolls up and looks decorative sitting on the shelf.

Household items I used: Wire, scrap papers, vintage film negatives, scrap pieces embroidery floss, scrap piece of furnace tape, scrap of canvas

Sponsor products I used: LIQUITEX Varnish, LIQUITEX Gesso, and LIQUITEX heavy body acrylic paints. That was easy to do because what Liquitex product don't I have and use almost everyday?

If you like join us at

 Cheers, Darlene


Nathalie Kalbach said...

this is cool! Love it! Thank you for being part of CJS2014 and playing along in the Liquitex Giveaway!+

Darlene K Campbell said...

How fun to have you stop by Nathalie. Had a blast over at Jumpstart again this year. You do an awesome job. Thank you!

mandysea said...

wow, this is impressive. I love the idea you've included so many creative bits and pieces into it and that it rolls up - that's cool!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Mandysea, Thanks for stopping by. This was a fun way to hold those little important notations.