Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lesley Riley Asks About the (F) Word

I subscribe to artist and coach Lesley Riley's newsletter. Today she has posted an essay titled, "Does this (F) Word Ruin Your Day?" She goes on to explain "Flitting that's the (F) word that is ruining my day, or is it?" I love reading her newsletters because she sends out inspiration, questions, and many times answers for me to ponder. I had to reply to her question about flittering. Go to and click the word BLOG in her Header Bar    to read the essay and to get in on the dialogue.

Back to whether the (F) word ruins your day or not. Here is what I wrote in response.

It does depend on what project I am working on and most often I am balancing more than one. I also find one project feeds the other so it works for me to flitter from one to the other. Also, there are times that I need to recognize that flittering masks fear. Perhaps fear of whether I'll paint well enough today or finally write the end of that story.

"I think the flittering is part "imagination in process" and I carry the talent and ideas brewing from a source I can't even define, but know is inside me. These talents and ideas are in need of idling, flittering, and moodling time to mature."

"There is a glittery-white space out there between here and there that I've found during meditation or before I drift off to sleep. This is where the muse lives. This is where the wizards dance. The world is inside me and expands over all realms of time. Desire is Life. Life is art. I have to allow it to flow freely through me for it to transform me. This transformation shows up daily in my art and writing. Sometimes it shows up while I'm flittering about. I honor working in little bursts of creative spirit. It is in the practicing and waiting (flittering) that then I find the art follows."

-excert from "No Bra, No Teeth, No Service" by Darlene Campbell

What do you think? Do you flitter about or not? Does it help your creative process or does it interfere?

Cheers, Darlene

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