Friday, February 21, 2014

Plaster of Paris Techniques With Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise

Plaster of Paris casting of plastic doll.

Plaster of Paris cover and cutout arch of a small sketchbook.

Plaster of Paris, Joint Compound, Plaster Gauze...endless possibilities with these mediums and Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise have a wonderful book on the subject titled, "Plaster Studio, Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Sculpting," published by North Light Books.

I made this NICHO JOURNAL designed by Judy Wise. Judy says in her book, "One of my favorite uses for these little recycled books is to house my painting-a-day works. Each book becomes a tiny, irreplaceable treasure."

When was the last time you worked with Plaster of Paris? Or have you ever worked with it? The projects in this book are amazing. Take a look if you haven't seen it yet,


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JackieP Neal said...

I love your little shrine book! and cannot wait to see what you will post for me") Congrats on your big win!! You lucky dog you!! I think it's fab- that was my favorite entry..I tried to vote on it more than once, but kept getting thrown out!! Heehee! talking to you soon! hugs