Monday, March 31, 2014

Character Illustrations

Developing some basic character ideas for my picture story, "The Tree My Heart."


Friday, March 28, 2014

A Peek at my Supplies I Use Creating Illustrations

All of the stuff I use most often with illustrations. This character will be in my picture story "The Tree My Heart." A story about how all of the people are sickly from  the cement and smog they created. (Read excerpts from the story below.)

"Sarah" character illustration in process. She's feeling a wee bit sickly.

When I illustrate characters that I plan to cut out and adhere to a background page I use Strathmore's Mixed Media Visual Journal 5.5 x 8 in. 90lb. The 90lb paper is easier to cut. This character will be sitting on a curb and leaning against a pole. I will either draw and cut out those pieces to adhere in place or I will draw them in as part of the background page.

Caran D'Ache Watersoluable Crayons,   MaimerBlu 1/2 Pan Wtercolors,   Prismacolor "F" Drawing Pencil that does not bleed when blended with water media,   Uni-Ball Vision Pen Black Fine & Micro,   #6 Round Sceptre Gold 11 W&N Paintbrush.

YARKA St. Petersburg Artists' Watercolors (Sequel Set) and the YARKA St. Petersburg Artists' Watercolors (Expanded Set...see top photo for the Expanded Set. The set on the left.) 

Excerpt from the story "The Tree My Heart":

Everyone must wear his shoes,
'Cause all that cement would callous their feet,
It's certainly true.
The buildings are tall,
And some are small,
Some even lean,
Towards the little space in-between.
Up the staircases we climb,
To get to our apartments it takes a lot of time.
Laundry dries from lines pulled tight,
From building to building,
It's a colorful sight.
Busy, busy, off we scurry,
Everyone's in a bunched up hurry.
Car horns screeching,
Car horns honking,
Whatever happened to all the donkeys?

And another excerpt from the story:

On Tuesday, at noon, the scurry did stop,
Everyone was feeling a little bit hot.
Sarah was flushed,
Her mom couldn't rush,
Like she used to trek to catch the bus.
Lee couldn't see half the time,
He blinked and blinked and cried out a whine.
Sarah slumped and then she sat,
Right there on the curb where everyone spat.
"Help me, I'm sick,"
"I've got to get to the doctor quick."
But, Tom, and Linda, and Brittany Sue,
Walked on by 'cause they were sick, too.
Coughing and hacking,
Dizzy spells, too,
Aunt Millie in apartment one-million and three,
Could hardly even breathe.

There are so many fabulous watercolors out there. What do you use? Do you prefer pans or tubes? I want to try them all...but oh expensive!


They Draw & Cook Illustrations

These are illustrations for "They Draw & Cook" blog. Salli and Nate just sponsored an illustrated recipe contest with GLAD company and awarded $2,500.00 in prizes to 6 winners. Every month an artist has a chance to win $100.00 for a favorite illustrated recipe chosen by Salli and Nate. A creative and fun Blog with many other features you may want to check out.

Illustrations were done with YARKA  Watercolors, Caran D'Ache Watersoluable Crayons, Caran D'Ache Oil Pastels, Uni-Ball Vision Pen and 140 lb Arches Watercolor paper.

Do you like to draw food?


Fairy Tale Illustrations