Friday, April 11, 2014

But What the Hell For?

My first sketch out in public. I live in a small village and there is not much to my liking to sketch...not unless I like to draw big trucks and every second customer leaving the convenience store carrying a 30 pack of beer. But I went out anyway. I sat at the picnic table outside an ice cream shop and drew this drive thru across the street. A man came out and peered around the corner at me. I glanced up and said hello, but I got no response just a creepy I continued to draw.

Nearly done with the sketch I walked across the street to stand in front of the drive thru so I could capture some final details. Out comes a lady and asks what I'm doing. When I explain she cuts me off and says, "What the hell for? Boy, it doesn't take much to entertain you does it?" This makes me laugh out loud. I explain a bit more and she repeats, "But what the hell for?" This is when I wish I had a camera crew because it'd have made a good documentary. I'd call it, "But What the Hell For?"

Have you had any interesting outings sketching?



JackieP Neal said...

I love that you laughed out loud! Your sketch/painting is great and it really is too bad that the woman did not get it! I'm laughing out loud!!!

JackieP Neal said...

by the way, your sketch captures the tone of the post and the place- I see it clearly as I am still laughing!