Friday, April 11, 2014

Creativity and Imagination = Joyful Person

Text Reads: I want to wear robes.  Not bath robes but holy ones, bright orange like Buddha, or brown like Jesus.  I want to wear robes with tassels draped around my neck confirming college graduation, or black like a witch.   I want to wear robes.   Simple pure fabrics to transform me.
(5 x 8 Watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper)

I've always known I am creative.

At a very young age I was tuned into all of this. The smell of crayolas, paste and paint. The sound of scissors cutting construction paper. The shimmer on snow under the moonlight. The songs of the birds and the lightening shows in the sky. Someone laughing at what I said. Shadows. All of this was exciting to me as a child.

I made stick hobby horses from socks stuffed with pantyhose and I designed and drew my own paper dolls. Imagination was a key element in back yard play and today if I didn't have my childhood imagination there would be no me.I would feel small and dark without a sense of play, creativity and imagination.

I think living an artful-creative-imaginative life is living a joyful, passionate and meaningful life with purpose. Because of this I am gentler, kinder and more loving towards myself and with others.

My creativity is grounded in how I perceive the world and people in it...which in turn fuels my art and writing...and more often than not is expressed in humor...and sometimes lots of glitter.

Let me close by answering that desert island question. I'd be interested to hear how you'd answer it too.

If I could have one thing on a desert island I'd choose CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION! (Well, that's two...(I figure someone will ship me art supplies and a typewriter on the sly.)



Lisa said...

Darlene! You won those little rubber texture plates from the Artistcellar blog. Please contact me :-) Lisa at artistcellar dot com. I need your address.

JackieP Neal said...

What a wonderful post! I will come with you and bring the art supplies and typewriter...we will also need some tea for sipping!
You are a creative and imaginative soul with humor and love and I am forever grateful to have met you!
hugs and love- your bestest friend in New York ")