Friday, April 25, 2014

Danny Gregory says "Draw and Feel"

I admire the work Danny Gregory does. I listen to Danny Gregory. First the tone of his voice is a delight. Second he has worthy insight about sketchbook keeping. And third he can introduce you to a group of inspiring artists whom also keep sketchbooks. He encourages artists to draw what they see around "Draw and Feel."

I drew this Brownie camera from my childhood as it made me remember and feel the day I got hit by a car after the Memorial day parade. I was eight years old. Two of my sisters, the neighbor girl and I marched in the parade dressed in our Brownie Scout uniforms. 

My mom had turned around to pick up the camera so she could get photos of us and when she turned back around one of my sisters, the neighbor girl and I was hit by a car.

The driver was going the wrong way and swerved around the marching band at 65mph. 

It made me cry a bit remembering while I drew this but I think it is important to face and release emotions while we paint and write. 

I like to say, "put the drama on the page."

Do you ever express or release emotion through your art or writing?



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JackieP Neal said...

Holy Crop Darlene! (keeping it clean)
What happened to you- and the girls? were you hospitalized, broken? Yikes!
When I saw the picture it made me smile as my Dad had the same camera and it brought back great memories for me too! Glad you are doing these sketches and stories- i love them!
hugs my dear friend xo