Friday, July 18, 2014

Sketchbook Skool Inspired LIVE Sketch Date

Hey, I met Cassandra Epalle from France today. No, I did not travel to France to meet her (maybe next time.) She is in Ohio visiting family and to celebrate her mother's birthday. Cassandra purchased this illustration to give her mother. (Awesome) I drew this illustration based on photos Cassandra gave me of her mom and cat, Lucky. If you read the gag line you see that he is truly one Lucky cat. Her mom wore glasses and a dress (only in white) like this to the prom.

This was my first LIVE sketch date. We're outside a coffee shop, on State Street, in the historical section of Westerville. We could smell the scent of roasted coffee while we sketched. We are both students of Sketchbook Skool and many artists around the world are drawing every day because of this fantastic on-line class. Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene are the founders.

See videos about Sketchbook Skool on Vimeo!



JackieP Neal said...

How fab for the two of-you!! Look at you all comfortable in your converse! Love it! Wish I was there too! maybe another time- so glad that you gals got the chance for the live outing!!
your best NY friend ")

Darlene Campbell said...

Hey Jackie, when I meet you it will be more than an day event...I'll need at least a week for us to catch up!
I LOVE Converse...have been wanting another pair.