Sunday, August 17, 2014

Monday Blog Tours with Artists and Writers

A very dear artist friend of mine, Jackie Paninski Neal, invited me to join her and other artists/writers by blogging a bit about myself and my creative process. 
On Mondays, artists and writers from all over the world are sharing their stories and images through blogging. This is yet another opportunity to meet and be inspired by other like-minded people. Jackie then invited me to participate, hence this post, and then I will invite another and so on and so get the idea!

I have invited Jutta Muller,  to post about her creative efforts next Monday, August 25th. We met through on-line classes. She keeps popping up where I am and I adore her work. Currently we are taking two classes together...Sketchbook Skool and Year of the Fairytale 2014. Jutta is a student at the private art school "arte fact" in Bonn for painting and drawing. What an honor this is. You can find out more about Jutta on her Facebook page or her very organized and creative blog; but be sure to visit her blog on Monday August 25th to view her special post about her creative self.

On to the 4 Interview Questions!
1. What am I working on now?

I juggle way too many projects and classes so I will mention just a few...

I'm working on this oil painting of Anne Marie. She keeps staring at me and asking when she'll be done. I study on-line with Daniel Edmondson and Will Kemp...otherwise I am self taught.

I'm working on the illustrations of a picture story I wrote titled, "The Tree my Heart." 

I'm working on Cartoons almost every day. If you follow my work you know Zebra is my signature character for my cartoons!

I am working on writing and illustrating a humorous nonfiction novel based on my observations as a clerk at a convenience store and living a creative life beyond all of that nonsense. The title of the book is "No Bra, No Teeth, No Service."

I am working on Illustrated Recipes to be published on "They Draw and Cook" blog. I think I have had 5 published.

I am writing articles and/or submitting art for magazines. I have been published in Cloth Paper Scissors, Art Journaling and Somerset Studios magazines about five times. I am published in Michael DeMeng and Andrea Matus DeMeng's book, "The Art Abandonment Project." I was published in Lesley Riley's book, "Quotes Illustrated" and this book has been picked up by Northlight publications so 30 more artist's work was chosen and I was one of the 30. Now I will have two art pieces in the second book due out in November 2014. I have been published at "They Draw and Cook." I had  fairytale illustrations published in Carla Sonhein's Fairytale zine.

I am working with artists through Sketchbook Skool (Danny Gregory), an exciting online course approximately every 6 weeks , with six instructors per session. Just finished session two.

2. How Does My Art Differ From Others?

If you see my work you are seeing me. It reflects my feelings, observations and humor. Lots of color, emotion and imagination. I work from the inside out. And I don't follow the rules.

3. Why do I create what I do?

Because I have to or I'd be a very sad person.

For the simple joy of making people laugh.

And because I have to or all of this would rattle inside my head, and since I don't want to take drugs or drink all day, or walk around in the streets mumbling, I write and make art.

4. How does my creative process work?

Basically I get out of my own way. 

When I create I go so deep into it that I feel like I'm chasing after myself. I don't think. I just get on with the creating.

 I carry a Moleskine 
with me everywhere to write ideas and notes. If  I have an idea for a cartoon I draw it matter where I am.

I take artist dates for myself by myself.

I take classes with and get to know artists/writers I name a few... Michael deMeng, Tommy Kane, Seth Apter, Prashant Miranda, Carla Sonheim, Traci Bautista, Danny Gregory, Will Kemp, Andrea Joseph, Quentin Blake, David Sedaris, David Ezra Stein, Wade I either have or plan to meet them in person. It's good to walk alongside like-minded people... Artists and writers love to share what they know, plus Michael deMeng has shared some great martini recipes, in addition to his famous paint color combinations.

I sit quietly and "visualize" a painting or the next chapter of a story in my head then I jump up and put it to paper. Do it now, not later. This keeps the ideas coming.

I listen to others conversations, I'm rude and I stare at people. I see the world in vivid colors with joy,  humor, excitement and sometimes dismay.  

It all works.

Everything is material...Cheers- Darlene


Raylee said...

you are amazing!

Julie-Anne Geddes said...

Enjoyed reading this post Darlene, you are prolific and VERY inspiring x

JackieP Neal said...

My friend! You truly are amazing and when I look again at your drawings and paintings I am so overwhelmed with joy at your creations!! You are so truly gifted and talented!!! Did I ever tell you, how much i love your art? teehee
Your creative process is awesome(I know we aren't supposed to use this word-but it fits!!) and I love that you are rude and stare!! heehee And I can't wait for the new book- No bra,no teeth, no service! I feel like i already know half of the characters!!!! Thank you for joining me and sharing your story (and for your gracious words for me!)
The best always my friend! ") bestest friend in NY

Renee said...

Love that title "No bra, no teeth, no service"! Can't wait to take a peek at that one when it is finished. Thanks for sharing your story and your art, the portraits are amazing. So nice to meet you!

Corrine at said...

So much versatility and fearlessness.

Julie Ann Lee said...

I love your use of colour, your humour and the way you so honestly express yourself through your art. Julie Ann xx

Becky W. said...

I totally enjoyed hearing about your journey and artistic process, Darlene! You are truly talented and have a wonderful sense of humor expressed delightfully through your art!

Becky W. said...

Darlene, you are truly gifted! I loved hearing about your artistic process and creation. You have a wonderful sense of humor, very creatively expressed through your art work.
I look forward to seeing more to come!

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

So funny, and such beautiful work!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

extremly inspiring artwork here!

Darlene Campbell said...

Thank you all for the encouragement and beautiful comments. It means everything to me that you stop by to share in what I'm creating.

Seth said...

Great profile. I loved reading more about Darlene and seeing so many examples of her unique and creative work in one post. Congrats to you both!!