Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seth Apter's Studio Table Tour

Some stuff. EEK! I don't like those things on the floor. (Not sure what that says about me...)

My messiest spot. It's driving me nuts. There is a large wall to the left and I am looking for a wall unit or cubbie shelves from IKEA maybe. I need a place to store canvases too. Right now they are leaned up against the back of my art table and I don't like things sitting on the floor.

This is where I write or waste time on the computer. The chalkboard holds my priority list...hopefully I look at it.

I pull open a drawer, add a sketch board for my paper or sketchbook to sit on and I paint with watercolors like this. (Built in easel) I have to have my space neat and clean to work....UNLESS I'm working on a mixed media piece or an acrylic painting then I can tend to pile things up. But I always clean and set up the area for a new project...otherwise I get distracted or don't even tend to sit down and work cause it's too messy. I also write in this room and I MUST have things simple, quiet and orderly to write. (Hmmm, I need to write at a convent.)

I love the drawers in the front of my art table. (They keep me sane) Inks, pan pastels, ink pads, extra pans of watercolors etc. There are three more containers stacked under the pan pastels. When I need something I just pull a drawer open and pull out the container.
This drawer for acrylics.

Another of the twelve drawers in my art table. This one is for oil paints.

I sit here to watch art videos, read, write, sketch and nap.

A bit of my porch off my studio. It's lovely to extend my creative efforts outside if I choose.

This is a part of the large wrap around porch off my studio where I can read, write or paint too.

The other side of my art table. Big, old and heavy. I love it. There are the drawers for some of my supplies.
These plastic containers keep my supplies organized and they stack in the drawers of my art table. I can get them at Pat Catan's in three sizes.  Thank you for visiting my studio. Seth Apter has invited artists to take a photo of their studio table as it is today. Make sure you visit his blog to take the tour. I love peeking inside artist's studios. Wow, did I find some amazing studios and blogs to explore. Go here

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Painting Kitchen Stuff

A page from my sketchbook. Painting stuff in my kitchen. I probably have at least 20 of these goblets, pink, gold, blue and green ones.

This was my maternal Grandma's tin recipe box which still holds original recipes. I have Grandma's cookie jar that matches the box. And she would fill it with cut out sugar cookies..I also have the cookie and icing recipe and I bake them for most holidays.

That is my mom's strawberry shortcake recipe she made for family reunions. I also use this recipe.

I think it is important to pass down recipes from generation to generation. They help to keep our stories alive. Do you use your family recipes?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sketchbook Skool Influence of Tommy Kane

One of the instructors I'm studying with at Sketchbook Skool is Tommy Kane.   He talks of slowing down when we draw. Not moving the pen slower but taking time to draw all of the details...maybe spending 4-6 hours on a drawing.

I'm drawing stuff in my kitchen and I wanted to drink these before I finished drawing. It made me a bit anxious working so long, but once I put in over two hours I became quite enthralled with finding details. "Oh look I didn't even see that an hour ago," I'd say out loud. It got to the point where I didn't want the fun to end. Now to do it again tomorrow! Go to Tommy's blog to see his fascination (well obsession) with details in his drawings. His work is brilliant!