Thursday, November 27, 2014

Drawing in Public...EEK!

I'd love to gain confidence with sketching in public. EEK! So I gave it a go at the Thanksgiving gathering today. I tried to chat and draw and not let my nephew and niece (Cody and Chelsea Rettig) realize I was drawing them. But they knew. (The look on their faces kind of gives this away.) At least they didn't ask me to stop. At least I got a cartoon out of the experience.
If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope it was wonderful.


JackieP Neal said...

So what kind of turkey was it really?heehee
What a great drawing Darlene!! Chelsea looks alot like you- one of your sister's daughters?
What did they think of the finished piece? I love it!! Hope your day was great! xo

Darlene Campbell said...

They loved it. They want a print to put in their apartment. Chelsea didn't realize I was sketching her but Cody had caught on. yes, this is my brother's daughter. The turkey dinner is actually divine. My sister has mastered cooking it just like our mom used to.

Buzz Bain said...

This is a great drawing. I hope you keep drawing in public because there is magic in your work.