Friday, January 23, 2015

Sketching at a Cafe

Today I went to my favorite college campus (Kenyon College in Gambier OH) to sketch. While I was there I had a toasted gluten free bagel with tomato, bacon and cheddar cheese. And a big fat chocolate muffin. Thought it was cool of the cats to show up and provide the gag line.



Win Dinn said...

This makes me laugh - those cats are right on!

Buzz Bain said...

Too funny! Those cats are priceless. Thanks for making me laugh.

JackieP Neal said...

So glad the cats showed up when they did! heehee Did he even notice the cats were engaged in conversation!! Cell phones- sheesh!

JackieP Neal said...

Congratulations on your publishing!! Yay!! What a fab start to 2015 my friend! huge hugs!!