Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two Cats and Some Cool Stuff

This is what I'm currently working on. I was remembering childhood coloring books and how much I loved them. All of that remembering prompted me to draw this. Instead of crayons I'm using watercolors and Stabilo pens. My most cherished coloring books were the holiday ones or the fairy tale ones, such as Cinderella and Snow White.

I've also used coloring books as an adult when I just want to zen-zone out and color with crayons with no real intention involved. I call it "meditation coloring."

Did you use coloring books as a child? Any favorite ones you remember?


(February 6th)    And the completed illustration! These two cats said they're not going home yet, so watch for more to come.

1 comment:

JackieP Neal said...

What a fabulous colorful piece Darlene!!
And Yes, I always colored, my two younger sisters and I always received new coloring books for Christmas I might even still have one! heehee I think my favorites were the jumbo ones- generic pictures and I loved to color with just 3 colors at a time as a challenge! Oh thanks so much for the memories and inspiration!!
We will talk soon- miss you xoxo