Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sabrina Ward Harrison's Book Invites Creative Expression

I am working in the art journal/book "And The Story is Happening( a journal and collage)" by the fabulous Sabrina Ward Harrison.(Chronicle Books 2012)   This is a beautiful book and it took me a bit of time to have a go at the idea that I would be creating on the pages of this book. But that is the intention Sabrina has offered in this journal of her brilliant collage art.

There is a vellum pocket on the inside cover with pieces of paper ephemera. (FUN!) Sabrina invites us to tell our stories through writing, painting, collage or whatever creative expression we desire. Here is a capture of my moon story. The quote and background is Sabrina's work. The story and face are mine. You can see how much fun it was for me to define a face from Sabrina's background painting.

Dream big. Express freely. Here are some of Sabrina's links to inspire you,
Find her on Facebook, Sabrina Ward Harris



Lynn Cohen said...

Great face, eyes. And story! Always love seeing your art. Love no bra , no teeth too!

JackieP Neal said...

Beautiful face Darlene! I did not read your words, but I feel the flow they have created.
What a cool book- will have to give it a look!! xx