Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sketchbook Skool With Lapin Barcelona!

I'm experiencing week two of Sketchbook Skool  with instructor Lapin Barcelona, the French illustrator. He is staring into Koosje Koene's eyes as he draws her portrait. He says he always draws the eyes first and must get the eyes right as they are the key to the story he is drawing. He is famous for drawing "big head" portraits. He uses old ledgers to draw in and when he is finished he asks the model to sign their portrait using a BIC 4 color pen. His drawings of vehicles are also fantastic.

Koosje and Danny Gregory founded Sketchbook Skool. We're in the second year and I can't imagine missing a session. There are three sessions a year with each session running for six weeks. A different instructor is introduced each week. Sketchbook Skool is "Art 4 All." Perhaps you'd like to join us.


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JackieP Neal said...

I can see how much you are enjoying sketchbook skool- it really is great for you- you are so productive and Zebra is getting much publicity time-as she deserves! xo