Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zebra Wishes You a Happy Easter, But No Dinner!

Happy Easter friends. Hope your day is filled with chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts. Oh yes, and coconut cake, breads, cinnamon rolls, cookies with pink icing, cupcakes...and I hope someone remembered the other basic food groups that constitute "Easter Dinner" as Zebra forgot.



JackieP Neal said...

I;m with zebra! After giving up sweets for Lent, this would be my kinda meal!! probably would end in a diabetic coma!!
happy Easter to you Darlene & Gary! xoxo

Darlene Campbell said...

Maybe one day we'll share a dinner together. If we do I promise not to let Zebra be in charge. Happiest Easter day to you and Riley! Hugs-Darlene