Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Zebra Cartoon

Happy Hump Day!

Monkey Mind

Oh yes, I've had my share of monkey mind days in the jungle. That fear based mind chatter echoing between my ears can put me in a frumpy mood and keep me from creating if I'm not aware. It can block imagination and the motivation to rock it with my ideal projects. It can squish my ideal self and talk me into being lazy and frumpy in a matter of minutes.

Being aware (meditating, healthy eating, good sleep, listening to self) saves me. Routine (going to the studio the same time EVERY DAY) saves me. Some of my self talk is funny and helps me through procrastinating or simple fears, but other self talk can be damaging if I'm not aware I'm doing it, (i.e. you are so fat, or you're never going to get published!)

When I find myself in this jungle I simply say, "Stop it Darlene." Immediately I replace the negative self talk with deep breaths. (Count to yourself as you inhale to 4, hold for 2, and exhale to 6.) Do this several times and you will feel immediate lightness and calmness. Then I  say a positive affirmation out loud to cancel out the negative one, or I write it over and over in my journal. For 2015 I've chosen one special affirmation and I use it before meditating, I write it at least twenty-five times in my journal daily, and I go to sleep and wake up saying it to myself. It's also good to actually smile while you say affirmations out loud.

Another way to help with monkey mind madness is to take action. I take a little artist date for myself by myself. Perhaps a day at the Kenyon college campus to draw and read. Lunch, tea and organic dark chocolate. An author reading, a stage play or a quiet walk down the mile-long middle path. I usually treat myself to a book,  a pen, or watercolor paper. Simply a quiet, arty adventure that leaves me feeling content and all jazzed up with creative ideas.

I call a day like this "arty idle time" and it is necessary to me to refuel the imagination. I schedule "arty idle time" on my calendar now!

What do you do to push aside monkey mind and to recover your creative imagination? I'd love to hear and perhaps learn something new from you.

(Oh yes, I might add that a nap is always good.)


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Self Portrait

Happy summer days in the sun and fresh garden food! I'm ready for strawberry shortcake and corn on the cob How about you?