Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm a Documentarian of Sorts!

I'm a documentarian of sorts...I've always been addicted to paper and pen. I like to record ideas, notes, and happenings. As a child I used those yellow writing tablets with a No. 2 pencil and if I erased too much the paper would tear. My mom taught us to write letters to our grandparents and thank you notes for gifts. I remember buying my first stationary with money I earned babysitting. I also remember buying my first fountain pen...a red Parker. I still have it.

I also wrote in a diary that had a lock and key. I wrote in composition notebooks for years, but today I primarily use Moleskine notebooks. I carry one everywhere. I record ideas and draw character sketches for a story. I doodle. I free write and I capture bits of my days on these pages. Often I will have a go at writing practice by defining a starter sentance such as, "I feel.." or "I wish I wouldn't have eaten..." I may start out writing about the sunset and end up describing the time I was very young and went to my first funeral, where I found things to be more peculiar and funny than sad. The idea is to write without punctuation if you want, but to keep the pen moving and let whatever comes to flow onto the page. (No monkey mind allowed!) In the example to follow I chose the starter, "I feel five years old and..."

I feel five years old and I could go to the beach and build sand castles if I wanted, or I could read all day as if the world and all of those "you should be doing this or this..." are not there at all, or I could sketch little pictures of birds onto notecards, or maybe paint a mermaid on my adirondack chair in bold colors of aquas and pinks. I feel five years old today and I want to ask Mom to bake a cake, to sit on the porch swing with me and play I spy. I feel five years old today and I could fall asleep on the floor watching TV, and Dad would scoop me up and carry me to bed. I would have five year old dreams of dancing and swirling in the sky while the moon smiles at me. I feel five years old today...

I love to browse through my journals and find little surprises. Perhaps I find I am still talking about a situation that doesn't really matter so I consciously let it go, or I may find a gem of a sentence to start a story with. With this particular writing I loved the part describing dreams of dancing and swirling in the sky...and I went on to write this children's story from that.

Shine Moon, Shine

After the sun sets,
I'll make you a bet,
When it's nighttime and
Your mama says, "Off to bed you go."
The moon hovering high,
Shines so you won't sigh
When you have to close your eyes.
For the nighttime magic show begins...

Shine Moon, Shine!

The fairies dance,
The bats glide low,
The peppermint candy drops from your nose.
The owls screech,
The gargoyles preach,
Your dreams aren't really dreams
But your nighttime life so sweet.

Purple skies where you can fly,
Happy dust colors your eyes.
Wishes come true when you turn blue,
Any shade will almost do.
Orange and red, and pink your hair glows,
All kinds of information you will know.
Dancing stars in shiny tap shoes,
Fireflies glide by to release sweet perfumes.

If you wake before the princess serves cake,
Simply close your eyes,
And count to ten a hundred times,
Then back to the nighttime magic you'll fly,
Just try to keep the happy dust out of your eyes.

After the sound of the great clocks chime,
The hovering moon descends the sky.
So, be ready when the sun sets low,
And your mama says, "Off to bed you go."
For the nighttime magic show begins...

Shine Moon, Shine!

Happy dancing and swirling dreams,