Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tap, Tap Goes the Paint Brush

Some sensory tools.

I used to watch Bob Ross paint on TV like most people choose to watch their favorite sitcom. I wasn't exactly watching to learn how to paint (I didn't think I could do it); but do you know what I did learn from watching Bob Ross?

                                                       THE PASSION OF PAINTING.
                                                       THE PASSION OF CREATING.

The simple sound of his brush tapping on the canvas while he painted those "happy little trees" turned me upside down and had me running to the easel to paint.

I haven't watched Bob Ross for years but the love of the sounds and smells of creating has stayed with me. In fact, I believe it is a valid piece of my creative adventures. As a young child the smell of finger paint, paste and crayons excited me. The sound of scissors cutting circles out of a stiff piece of red construction paper thrilled me. Although now I use artist grade art supplies I will always have crayons and construction paper in my studio, too.

Do you HAVE to smell crayons? I do. When I am in a store and happen to approach a display of crayons I must stop to smell them. The smell of crayons immediately transports me back to my childhood where I spent hours at the card table coloring in coloring books and making paper dolls and greeting cards...and then sprinkling glitter on everything.

I enjoy the slow process of painting with oils. Working with oils can't be rushed and the studio smells wonderful.

Tearing paper for a mixed media collage is quite satisfying, especially if you tear the paper very slowly...and listen while you tear.

Watercolors mingle and dance across the paper. Spreading color on an ink drawing is quite a happy time for me. I also get great satisfaction and pleasure working in my sketchbook with a dip pen. I love the sensory know the scratchy sound of the nib moving across the paper. I like to watch the marks appear like magic, from the flow of india ink, at the tip of the nib.

Daily practice of drawing with simple tools is what keeps my imagination alive. Each time I put pen or brush to work I am releasing the mystery and passion for creating.

This week slow down and focus into the sensory components of your creative activities. And if you're a real crayon smelling addict like I am you may want to make chunky crayons for Christmas stocking stuffers.

Chunky Crayons

1. Peel the paper off crayons while oven is preheating to 150 degrees.
2. Break crayons into pieces and arrange colors in interesting designs.
4. Place in oven.
5. Bake just until waxes have melted, 15 to 20 minutes.
6. Let cool completely. If they stick, place tray in freezer for an hour and the crayons will pop right out.
7. It is also fun to use pans with heart shapes or tree shapes, etc.



Lynn Cohen said...

I have to smell crayons and freshly sharpened pencils!
I love all the art making sensations you mention here.
I too have been making art since childhood in one form or another.
Paper dolls, doll furniture out of small cereal boxes!
Coloring, drawing in elementary school.
Crafts as a young adult, macrame, crochet , sewing, much later knitting.
Then art quilts and finally drawing again. Have we come full circle?
Thanks for the memory jogging!

JackieP Neal said...

Such a wonderful post Darlene! So glad to hear you are still in the studio creating- with crayons and colored paper no doubt!! I would love to sit down with an old fashioned coloring boo, box of crayons and you! How wonderful would that be?!

Darlene Campbell said...

Dearest Jackie, When we meet I'll be sure to have coloring books and crayons ready!! What fun that would be to visit while coloring and sipping tea. Cheers-Darlene