Sunday, December 6, 2015

Simple Practice


                                                            stand under the
                                                            stars and moon
                                                            at night and say
                                                            hello to your

                                                            pray to them,
                                                            ask them for guidance.
                                                            thank them,
                                                            share your love, your fears,
                                                            hopes, neuroses, doubts and


Standing under the night sky and claiming love and joy for my ancestors is a simple and rewarding practice I do. It compares to the act of writing what I am grateful for in my journal, but I am often  mindful of grateful moments during my day, too.

For example, at home I may be doing dishes and it reminds me how Mom loved to wash dishes by hand ( I've never owned a dishwasher) and she would comment about how warm and sudsy the water was versus grumbling about having to do dishes. I pause and thank her and thank the universe for hot running water.

At work I may be listening to a customer say he'd probably never retire because, "what would I do all day?"

I respond, "Well, you go out every morning to watch the sun rise and go out every evening to watch the sun set and in-between you find yourself again. You find what is within you that sets you on fire."

This is when he gives me the blank stare so I add, "It is about discovering your true self. (blank stare) What your purpose for being here is. (puzzled stare) What you love to do. (less severe stare) What you're passionate about. (stare and a blink) Once you discover that you'll do that all day."(smile)

And then if the store isn't busy I take him outside to see the full moon.

"Look at that. That's magic in the sky."

"Look at what?"

"The moon. Don't forget to look up every now and then and see the moon."

"Oh yeah, I used to take my boy outside to see the different phases of the moon. I forgot all about that. I'll have to do that with my grandson.

He may or may not look up into the night sky again. But I hope he does and he starts to reveal to himself what he could do all day without the safety net of the day job. (Moons and night skies are like that...great big reminders.)