Sunday, January 31, 2016

Draw First Thing in the Morning Habit

I'm drawing my breakfast every day as encouraged by Danny Gregory. It is true that if you do one small thing every day, at about the same time every day, soon you have developed a habit. So what is so important about developing a habit of drawing my breakfast?

I start the day drawing,
I've accomplished something creative quickly, and
It serves as a positive warm up to having a creative day.

I like to eat my breakfast hot so here is how I accomplish that...

1. Cook breakfast.
2. Draw a mini version of breakfast.
3. Eat breakfast.
4. Add color to the drawing.

What could you draw every day? Breakfast, or the birds outside your kitchen window? Or try this idea. Put a sketchbook and pen on your nightstand. When you wake stay in bed and draw your feet pushed out from under the blankets, or draw what you see outside the window, or in the corner of your bedroom.

Can you see out the door into the hallway? Draw that.

Is the dog in bed with you? Draw him. You get the idea...draw something every morning. Make a happy habit of it.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Draw a Dog

Homework for Sabine Wisman's klass in Sketchbook Skool "Expressing." Draw a dog. She was showing how every one of us can draw a dog and they will all be different. Even if we all drew a wobbly line they would all be different. We all have unique style.


Sketchbook Skool with Sabine Wisman

The homework for Sabine Wisman  in Sketchbook Skool (Expressing Klass) was to complete a Personal Infographic using these four steps.

1. Explore
2. Design
3. Show (imagination & observation)
4. Tell (add text)

We could choose any subject that would express personal info in a graphic format. For example, hobby, collections, pets, city, work or people.

1. I didn't have to explore a subject for very long. Mine is People/Humor.
2. My design scope is cartoon format in ink and watercolor.
3. I'd draw characters from my imagination/observation.
4. I'd tell with handwritten gag lines. (Something you may not know...the handwriting I use in my cartoons is not my usual handwriting.)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Breakfast Club with Danny Gregory

Drawing my breakfast every day inspired by Danny Gregory's book, "Art Before Breakfast" and Sketchbook Skool.

Who doesn't like pancakes and sausage for breakfast?


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Another little sketch for Danny Gregory's Breakfast Club. If you join in and draw your breakfast every day use the hashtag   #sbspostyourtoast .


Friday, January 22, 2016

National Handwriting Giveaway Winner is...

Happy National Handwriting Day!

I enjoyed the comments about first fountain pens, love letter keepsakes and the art of writing and passing notes in high school. Meaningful and fun memories shared by three readers so I've decided to make all three winners of the Giveaway. I'll send out your pens & surprises week of January 25th. Watch your snail mail!

The winners are Lin, Lynn Cohen, and Joyce Banks. ( and a consolation prize to Jackie Neal since I got the date mixed up. I thought I posted this very, very, very early on Saturday. Sorry Jackie)

Winners, if I don't already have your mailing address, send it to me through private Facebook message, or to my email:


Thursday, January 21, 2016

National Handwriting Day Giveaway

I'll be celebrating National Handwriting Day on Saturday, January 23rd by hosting a little Giveaway.

You can win a package of BIC pens & other surprises.

 I have Lamy pens, Micron pens, Sakura but BIC are my go to pens for general journal writing and doodling.

How to win? Simply tell me something you remember or enjoy about handwriting, in the comments below,

My mom's handwriting on the inside cover of the book, "Wild Animals of the World," that I cherished as a child and still do today.

and while you're here it'd be awesome if you subscribed to my Blog...although that is not necessary to be in the Giveaway.

Come back to my Blog on Saturday, January 23rd to see who the randomly chosen winner is. Sometimes I like to choose two winners.

What else will I be doing to celebrate National Handwriting Day? I'll sit down and write some letters and mail them out. How about you?


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Breakfast Club with Sketchbook Skool

It helps that my husband cooks our breakfast. That is why there is almost always bacon. I do the dishes and draw.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Breakfast, Expressing, and Eyes Closed Drawings

I combined drawing my breakfast for Breakfast Club (SBS) and the first "Expressing" lesson on lettering, with cofounder of Sketchbook Skool, Koosje Koone. (Hmmm, that was one piled up sentance.)

Lettering is not one of my best abilities. I suppose because I don't practice to develop it, but I will be putting in some practice this week with Koosje Koone at SBS.

I am simultaneously enrolled in my third year long class with Carla Sonheim, "Y" is for Yellow. I will be playing with materials and experimenting different techniques. I'll be filling several sketchbooks while working towards completing a series of work. All participants will determine for themselves what that body of work, and or completed project will be. Right now I am considering writing and illustrating a children's picture book.

Here are a few examples of wrong handed drawings, eyes closed drawings, and smudgey stick figure drawings from Sonheim's class. I'm currently working through these techniques until I do eighty of them. Plus a completed piece of art comes out of this first practice. All of it done in two weeks. One of my focuses for this year is to work through to completion of a project, and online know instead of frittering about from project to project and half completing them...then dragging guilt around for not.

Carla introduced me to a sketchbook I haven't used before. The Canson XL Mix Media 98lb. It is the one with the blue cover. They are not expensive and right now are on sale at Dick Blicks

Backbone Swish Drawings

Wrong Handed Drawings

Eyes Closed Drawings

Smudgey Stick-Figure Drawings

Friday, January 15, 2016

Drawing Breakfast

Whee! Day 4 of Drawing Breakfast Club. Who came up with this idea? Danny Gregory.

Have you seen Danny Gregory's book, "art Before Breakfast?" Get it at The Book Depository  or Amazon

One of my favorite Youtube films is "The Art Before Breakfast-a film about Danny Gregory." Of course, it's no surprise as he is drawing his breakfast.

I'm starting to consider what I want for breakfast according to what I want to draw that day.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Breakfast Club with Sketchbook Skool

Prisma Colored Pencils on 90 lb Paper

Expressing at Sketchbook Skool

Finally it is time..."Expressing" at Sketchbook Skool starts tomorrow, January 15th!
Re-releases of "Beginnings" and "Playing" will also be active.

Now you know what I'll be doing.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BIllion Dollar Lottery Day

This is the look the store clerk gives when someone says, "I don't need all of that money." or "What would I do with it?" or (my favorite) "If I won I'd still work."

Cheerois and good luck if you bought a ticket. If you win I don't want to see you back at the day job,

Draw Your Breakfast Again

Draw your breakfast day 2, with the Breakfast Club, over at Sketchbook Skool and I find it a challenge because I am not working from my imagination. (I think that is why I ended up adding lots of color to this drawing.)

 I've always been shy about drawing cups and plates (because I can't do it well) but I've decided to stay with the daily drawing project as I know I usually come out the other side surprised by new skills and satisfaction. (Or maybe not this time.)

I used to stay with reading a book to the end even if I didn't like it because I felt it "my duty" to finish what I started. Now I know better than to waste my time reading something that doesn't capture me from the first page. I toss the book aside. No guilt.

Drawing is different. I think it is something to stay with even through the challenges. Adjust the paper, the materials, the perspective or composition...but stay with it day in and day out. Skill, insight and imagination develop by showing up every day. (If not I will celebrate my quirky cups and plates.)


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm the only one here not texting.

Draw Your Breakfast

Danny Gregory has a book titled, "art Before Breakfast" you can get now at Amazon. While you are there look for his other books.

He is also co-founder of Sketchbook Skool. The first klass for this year is , Expressing which starts Friday, January 15th with a line up of amazing artists.

In the meantime I have joined the Breakfast Club. I simply draw my breakfast every day and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or my Blog. Join us and tag your drawing with @sketchbookskool   or  #sbspostyourtoast.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Creativity...Day in and Day out

Students enrolled in the Expressing class at Sketchbook Skool are asked this question, "What habits keep your creativity going?"

My three main habits for mastering a creative day is sleep, eat, and movement. First I must take care of these basic things if I want to feel motivated and with good energy to create and write.
Do not eat pop tarts for breakfast.

Visiting the nearby liberal arts college campus for author readings, art shows, stage plays, and general observation of campus life, leaves me with high spirited enthusiasm for creating and writing.

Quiet! Must meditate, do yoga, nap and generally have quiet periods for my imagination to come alive with ideas. Some of my best ideas/concepts come during that space between awake and sleep.

I have the skill to nap and do yoga at the same time.

Coloring...and I mean in a children's coloring book with Crayola crayons. Simply color and have a notepad nearby to record ideas that will come as you are spreading color onto Cinderella's gown.

Books and art magazines easily inspire me. Can't live without them. They have to be the hard copy kind so I can feel and smell the paper.

Observing and eavesdropping on people. Very handy for my cartoon work.

Mixing it up. I have different projects going on at the same time. For example, while working on a series of Zebra cartoons I may also have a mixed media project on the art table, or a portrait in oils on the easel.

Community! I participate in many online art classes and art or motivational groups to share and learn with other creative souls. The friendships I have made online are a critical piece to a healthy, creative life for me. (In drawing below, myself and SBS pal Cassandra Epalle.)

Amazing friendships and talents at Sketchbook Skool

Studio space and supplies. I set up a studio with professional art supplies to confirm my creative work is my daily passion and purpose. Often I light a simple beeswax candle and thank the universe for giving me that space, those lovely supplies, and the imagination and talent to create.

What habits keep your creativity going day in and day out?


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Strathmore Visual Journal Great for Creative Expression

Have you ever drawn a simple object onto a page of your sketchbook and then ended up with something like this? I have. Proof is above. I like to do these mixed-media drawings/collages without any thought to outcome.

It is an avenue for revealing characters I may use in a cartoon or story. A way to generate story ideas or to practice color combinations and mixed-media techniques. Or I simply love to work this style to release what is in my head onto paper.

The Strathmore Visual Journal is a perfect substrate for capturing ideas...whether they are simple ink drawings with a wash of watercolor, or something that is layered with different materials and looks like something from your dreams last night.

My go to size sketchbook I use is 5.5 x 8.5 but I use a larger sketchbook when I do this style. This is a highly recommended 9x12 Strathmore Visual Journal with Watercolor 140lb or Mixed Media paper.

Even as a child I was a "paperaholic" and I have found many good choices with Strathmore.