Monday, January 11, 2016

Creativity...Day in and Day out

Students enrolled in the Expressing class at Sketchbook Skool are asked this question, "What habits keep your creativity going?"

My three main habits for mastering a creative day is sleep, eat, and movement. First I must take care of these basic things if I want to feel motivated and with good energy to create and write.
Do not eat pop tarts for breakfast.

Visiting the nearby liberal arts college campus for author readings, art shows, stage plays, and general observation of campus life, leaves me with high spirited enthusiasm for creating and writing.

Quiet! Must meditate, do yoga, nap and generally have quiet periods for my imagination to come alive with ideas. Some of my best ideas/concepts come during that space between awake and sleep.

I have the skill to nap and do yoga at the same time.

Coloring...and I mean in a children's coloring book with Crayola crayons. Simply color and have a notepad nearby to record ideas that will come as you are spreading color onto Cinderella's gown.

Books and art magazines easily inspire me. Can't live without them. They have to be the hard copy kind so I can feel and smell the paper.

Observing and eavesdropping on people. Very handy for my cartoon work.

Mixing it up. I have different projects going on at the same time. For example, while working on a series of Zebra cartoons I may also have a mixed media project on the art table, or a portrait in oils on the easel.

Community! I participate in many online art classes and art or motivational groups to share and learn with other creative souls. The friendships I have made online are a critical piece to a healthy, creative life for me. (In drawing below, myself and SBS pal Cassandra Epalle.)

Amazing friendships and talents at Sketchbook Skool

Studio space and supplies. I set up a studio with professional art supplies to confirm my creative work is my daily passion and purpose. Often I light a simple beeswax candle and thank the universe for giving me that space, those lovely supplies, and the imagination and talent to create.

What habits keep your creativity going day in and day out?



Buzz Bain said...

This made my day and inspired me to answer the question of what habits keep my creativity going day after day. I'm going to get on it today! Thanks so much Darlene.

Jackie P Neal said...

I almost thought there was going to be drawing of you and I doing our TV show, tearing up lace curtains and showing how it's done! heehee
Great post Darlene- all great sources of inspiration! I especially love the sleeping while doing yoga!

Darlene Campbell said...

Buzz, I don't know if I've ever made anyone's day a very special thank you!! I'll go over and take a peek at your response to creativity habits! See you at SBS...I always look for your work.

Jackie, Ah, I hang onto those first memories of us all excited exploring mixed media projects, and me running to the kitchen to cut out a piece of the lace curtain to use as a stencil. That is still my favorite stencil. I'd forgotten about our TV show idea...maybe even a podcast one day. Thanks for stopping by. You crack me up.