Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Draw Your Breakfast Again

Draw your breakfast day 2, with the Breakfast Club, over at Sketchbook Skool and I find it a challenge because I am not working from my imagination. (I think that is why I ended up adding lots of color to this drawing.)

 I've always been shy about drawing cups and plates (because I can't do it well) but I've decided to stay with the daily drawing project as I know I usually come out the other side surprised by new skills and satisfaction. (Or maybe not this time.)

I used to stay with reading a book to the end even if I didn't like it because I felt it "my duty" to finish what I started. Now I know better than to waste my time reading something that doesn't capture me from the first page. I toss the book aside. No guilt.

Drawing is different. I think it is something to stay with even through the challenges. Adjust the paper, the materials, the perspective or composition...but stay with it day in and day out. Skill, insight and imagination develop by showing up every day. (If not I will celebrate my quirky cups and plates.)


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