Thursday, January 21, 2016

National Handwriting Day Giveaway

I'll be celebrating National Handwriting Day on Saturday, January 23rd by hosting a little Giveaway.

You can win a package of BIC pens & other surprises.

 I have Lamy pens, Micron pens, Sakura but BIC are my go to pens for general journal writing and doodling.

How to win? Simply tell me something you remember or enjoy about handwriting, in the comments below,

My mom's handwriting on the inside cover of the book, "Wild Animals of the World," that I cherished as a child and still do today.

and while you're here it'd be awesome if you subscribed to my Blog...although that is not necessary to be in the Giveaway.

Come back to my Blog on Saturday, January 23rd to see who the randomly chosen winner is. Sometimes I like to choose two winners.

What else will I be doing to celebrate National Handwriting Day? I'll sit down and write some letters and mail them out. How about you?



Joyce Bank said...

memories of ... passing notes in between classes in high school, not only handwritten, but also imaginatively folded... and that large round writing we all seemed to do then... who loved who, who did what, how bored we were in class, how many minutes until the bell.. we kept the notebook paper companies in business... and these notes got us through the day... and oh the terror of them being confiscated by teachers or intercepted by boys! I'm sure they all paled next to today's teen text messages...

pens... Bic the default pen, that wrote "first time, every time" especially after being skated around an ice rink attached to Peggy Fleming's skate... the "mature" Bic pen that was that ugly yellow color... & for fun, writing with a fountain pen that had a peacock blue ink cartridge... Flair.. felt tipped, something new... color markers... a newish thing in the late 60's early 70's... & Peter Maxx posters for 7 up on the school bus... free associating now... memory lane

Lynn Cohen said...

What a sweet thing to do! I do love handwritten letters. I'm hanging on to one from my now husband who wrote it to me thirty eight years ago, and a post card too, when he was courting me! Later his mother in MN would write me in California letters of many pages in long hand on yellow legal sized notebook pages. I'd write shorter ones back, but often did mine on the computer but some by hand. I have hand written journals that belonged to my mother. I think it's a pity that children are no longer being taught cursive handwriting! It's becoming a lost art!

Lin said...

Darlene this is lovely! I love fountain pens and have been addicted to writing with fountain pens ever since we started using them at school - I guess I must have been seven years old. A lot of kids were struggling with them, but I loved the ink flow and the feeling that I had something special in my hand. The pens we used had an uncomfortable rim near the nib, which gave me a big bump on my middle finger and an indent in my nail, which are still there today (33 years later...). Yet, I loved it. It felt almost like some kind of machine to me, a very special design to make something really special happen. In highschool and university I would also use ballpoint pens, but I always returned to the fountain pen after a while. They just make writing so much easier, and my hand would not get tired or even hurt the way it did when I wrote a lot in some classes. Later at work there would always be at least one fountain pen on my desk. Three years ago when I started drawing it seemed logical to use fountian pen, and I never understood the people who used those cheap, ugly (to me at leats) Bic ballpoints. Until I picked up one and just gave it a try. It was amazing! Such line variation, the possibility to colour areas in different values, and to do a light sketch before you put the final lines in place. I do keep them in my sketchkit as well as in my handbag now, and am using them for writing more and more as well.

Jackie P Neal said...

i am spreading you out over the net my friend!! Cool giveaway!! xoxo