Friday, January 29, 2016

Sketchbook Skool with Sabine Wisman

The homework for Sabine Wisman  in Sketchbook Skool (Expressing Klass) was to complete a Personal Infographic using these four steps.

1. Explore
2. Design
3. Show (imagination & observation)
4. Tell (add text)

We could choose any subject that would express personal info in a graphic format. For example, hobby, collections, pets, city, work or people.

1. I didn't have to explore a subject for very long. Mine is People/Humor.
2. My design scope is cartoon format in ink and watercolor.
3. I'd draw characters from my imagination/observation.
4. I'd tell with handwritten gag lines. (Something you may not know...the handwriting I use in my cartoons is not my usual handwriting.)



Jackie P Neal said...

Where did these two come from?
Customers at the store? heehee
Zebra is all over this one! heeheee

Darlene Campbell said...

NAh, now look closely Jackie...would they be at the store? ha ha Although the basis for forgetting to wear panties came from observations at the store. Whoo Hoo!