Saturday, January 2, 2016

Strathmore Visual Journal Great for Creative Expression

Have you ever drawn a simple object onto a page of your sketchbook and then ended up with something like this? I have. Proof is above. I like to do these mixed-media drawings/collages without any thought to outcome.

It is an avenue for revealing characters I may use in a cartoon or story. A way to generate story ideas or to practice color combinations and mixed-media techniques. Or I simply love to work this style to release what is in my head onto paper.

The Strathmore Visual Journal is a perfect substrate for capturing ideas...whether they are simple ink drawings with a wash of watercolor, or something that is layered with different materials and looks like something from your dreams last night.

My go to size sketchbook I use is 5.5 x 8.5 but I use a larger sketchbook when I do this style. This is a highly recommended 9x12 Strathmore Visual Journal with Watercolor 140lb or Mixed Media paper.

Even as a child I was a "paperaholic" and I have found many good choices with Strathmore.



JackieP Neal said...

haahaa I just saw the Zebra coat you were referring to!! I love it!!
Wow! What great pages to come out of just sitting and doing!!The roll of paper in the first one reminds me of the message you sent me a few years back on that roll from the store! I had the hardest time gluing it into my "mail" journal!! heehee
Love all of the characters in and about and look forward to where they show up!!
Sending Happy 2016 wishes and let's get things done!
hugs and love,Jackie

Darlene Campbell said...

Oh yes, I remember writing a letter to you on that long-long piece of Lottery paper. You could put it in an envelope and attach that to your mail journal. Cool that you keep your snail mail bound in a book. I may borrow that idea. Yes, 2016 is it for us. Let's stay in regular conversation about our plans so we can help each other stay on path to getting things accomplished. Love and hugs-Darlene

Lynn Cohen said...

I LOVE that woman in your header today! Did you use a model for her, or is she straight from your wonderful imagination? Her position and especially her legs got to me! Her toes are quirky too! In the lower piece I like the typewriter. I don't miss using one, but there are things about them that were fun. Like flying the handle that made the next line ready for typing! One could do that quickly and it made a good sound. The clicking keys sounded good too. I made so many mistakes and hated white out tape! It was a miracle
I got papers turned in on time in college! By then I would sit on my front porch using an electric typewriter with a long thick orange electrical cord that snaked back into the house to be plugged in! Thanks for the memories from your wonderful art!

Darlene Campbell said...

Lynn, I'm smiling at the vision of you sitting on the porch , hands over a typewriter, and a long orange cord snaking back into the house outlet. The woman the chair is my imagination. Those are my favorite kinds of drawings! Thanks for your comments.