Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Acroball Pen Review and Some Drawings

I am a pen addict so when I saw this pen by Pilot (Acroball) I had to try it.  The package states...

Pure White
Advanced Ink
Incredibly Smooth
Amazingly Comfortable

Supposed to write "with the vibrancy of gel ink with quick-drying ball point ink to let your writing glide across the page." Instead, I found that it skipped across the page. Frustrated as I adore Pilot pens, so I'm wondering if I simply got a bad pen. Me being a positive soul will try another one. After all that is what a pen addict would do.

These drawings were done in a Moleskine. Colored pencil and watercolors.



Buzz Bain said...

Thanks for the info. I am still looking for a good white pen. I've been using a small brush and ZIG Kuretake white ink until I can find the elusive white pen.

Jackie P Neal said...

Yes, you are a pen addict! heehee And thank you so very very much for my pens! I love them all!!!The pencils as well!
Great new header- I always feel like i am in Kenyon with you when you share these sketches! How fun!
hugs my bestest Ohio friend!,Jackie xoxo