Friday, March 18, 2016

Drawing Pens for Twenty Minutes a Day

Before I enrolled in Sketchbook Skool I didn't think to draw common objects such as ink pens. Now it is one of my favorite subjects to draw, so much so that I am trying to capture every pen and pencil I own in my sketchbook.

I won't be able to sit down and accomplish this in one go. First because I have too many and second because I know I'd give up on the project if I try to monster mash it into the challenge. I have learned it is easier, more fun, and I'm more likely to complete the task if I go slow and easy.

I've learned to do regular, small amounts of creative work every day, at about the same time every day from different artists (Danny Gregory, Kossje Koone, Tommy Kane, Prashant Miranda, Brian Johnson with  his "Optimal Living" Program), but the most recent influence is Michael Nobbs.

Michael is a British artist living on the west coast of Wales. He drinks lots of tea, eats cakes and takes lots of naps. He believes and teaches on taking small, sustainable steps on a regular basis in order to reach our creative goals. This really relieves the pressure. Whew!

He is also an instructor for the "Expressing" kourse at Sketchbookskool and the author of "Drawing Your Life." I am participating in his "20 Minute Challenge." His podcasts are inspiring and relaxing. His soothing voice, Brittish accent, and throaty-hearty laughter cheers me.

Michael also has a fabulous web with courses, podcasts, and creative coaching opportunities. His web is here Sustaining Creativity.  Find him on Facebook here .

Today, as Michael recommends, I'll set my timer for twenty minutes, and I'll draw some colored pencils. I probably have over 200 Prismacolor colored pencils. (Some of them are repeat colors.) See this is exactly why I can't monster mash it into this drawing challenge.

Have you seen the awesome timers out there? Amazon has ladybugs, cows, chickens, etc. get a nifty timer, set it for twenty minutes and do your work. Tomorrow repeat.


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