Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strathmore Artist Papers & Strathmore 2016 Online Workshop Series

Hurry, go to to find out more about the 2016 Online Workshop Series. It is in process now. If you like or desire to start sketchbooking Graham Smith will help build your mojo. I value and appreciate this FREE resource every year so much that I wanted to say thank you and do a bit of a tribute to Strathmore. My first online workshop was with Strathmore. The first art paper I purchased was Strathmore. Strathmore papers and sketchbooks are staples in my studio.

500 Series Strathmore Pre-Cut Watercolor Paper (140lb Cold Press 11x14)

500 Series Strathmore Pre-Cut Watercolor Paper (140lb 11x14 Cold Press)

This drawing is on 500 Series Strathmore Pre-Cut Watercolor paper. It is also available in hot press. I love working watercolors on the smooth hot press although the slightly textured cold press is what I go after for mixed-media. (Apologies for not seeing the entire drawing because it is too large to scan.)

I scanned and made copies, from the cat illustration above. I cut out the cat characters, table and typewriter, window, etc. (The chair is from another drawing.) to use them as collage elements. (See image below.)

Cats Dancing

Here are the pieces glued onto the substrate. I'm currently working on this "Cats Dancing" mixed-media piece. It is on a 9x8 cradled wood panel. I almost always use my own drawings and painted paper when I need collage fodder. Strathmore papers are a perfect substrate for the many choices of mediums I like to use...i.e. watercolor, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, ink, oil pastels, gesso, pastes, bead gel.

Below are two samples of painted paper I'll use as a background to draw on or to cut up and use as collage fodder. Here I am working in the StrathmoreVisual Journal.

Strathmore has a beautiful selection of papers. I especially like 500 Series (which also comes in an art journal.) Their sketchbooks choices are spiral or hardbound...even a soft cover. They also carry toned paper, drawing paper... oh, simply too many choices to mention here.

Strathmore Visual Journal 9x12

I place cut or torn pieces of my painted papers directly onto the scanner glass to make a copy. (See image below) Then I can cut or tear shapes or strips and use this in my sketchbook or to build up layers in a painting. I usually copy in color, but black & white option is awesome, too. I always have snippets or full sheets of collage paper ready to create with.

Here are just a few samples of Strathmore paper I have in my studio. And I'm just about to order a Strathmore art journal...wanting to try the soft cover. Merci and cheers to Strathmore!


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Jacki Long said...

Thanks Darlene, I had done the 1st lesson and forgot, so went and finished the second. Always get good stuff from other artists, right. Even stuff you know, is good to hear in a different way. We all need a nudge. BTW, I haven't forgotten your postcard, it will go out this week. Take care.