Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sketchbook Skool w/Jonathan Twingley

Jonathan Twingley is teaching in Sketchbook Skool for the "Stretching" klass. He is a powerful and imaginative artist. The homework was to draw objects...anything your imagination came up with, onto a large sheet of paper. Cut them out, and build an image on another piece of paper. I'm working in an 11x14 sketchbook. I have layers of collage paper, gesso, paint, oil pastels, acrylics and ink. The image is pieced together from different drawings. As I was working these words came to mind so I quickly scrawled them on scrap paper then wrote it onto the finished piece with a dip pen and india ink.

Image 1 text: "Every evening I go outside to stand under the night sky, the influence of the moon visits me in my dreams. I hope the power of the sky and everything beyond touches my soul and at least humbles me a bit so I don't get in my I don't hurt anyone thinking I'm bigger or grander than they are. It is a constant practice to let go of that me image."

 Image 2 text: "The other day I noticed a spider on the kitchen window ledge. Although it creeps me out I can't kill it. I carry it outside so it can crawl back inside tomorrow and say hello again."

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Jacki Long said...

Love both Darlene, and your words always seem to gel with my thoughts.
I love the effect of combining your drawings & collage, just perfect.
The word that came to mind first was charming, then lovely, then touching.
Like Oliver, "more please>".