Saturday, March 25, 2017

Stop, Cease, Look

Leo Tolstoy had it right with, "Stop a moment, Cease your work, Look around you." I thought of Leo yesterday when my 17 month old granddaughter Primrose visited. Nothing mattered except for what was going on moment to moment. We simply played. I laughed with her. I sang with her. We spoke in sign language and one to two word sentances. We investigated, discovered, and explored whatever caught our attention at the moment. I experienced the heightened sense of joy and discovery for birds in the sky or the stick with the peeling bark just as Primrose had. Today as I venture in and out of my day I will Stop, Cease, and Look around me. I'll PLAY through my day.


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Jacki Long said...

Thanks Darlene! Wonderful!
Precious moments that are always there if we take time. ♥