Friday, September 20, 2013

A Wash of India Ink...

Adhering the collage onto cradle board.

Press firmly.

Lay paper over the collage and roll with brayer.

Place paper on collage and set heavy books until dry.
A wash of yellow india ink to blend it all and to age it.

Woodless graphite 9B charcoal pencil to shadow bright spots.

The words (Confidential Draft) I stamped onto the ribbon was not blending into the piece as I had hoped, so I put a wash of Sunshine Yellow India Ink (W&N) on the entire piece. Next I saw bright spots and I used a woodless graphite 9B pencil to shade some of these areas.

What's next? I will be attaching this to a Utrecht Artist Wood Panel (10 x 10 size, 7/8" Cradled Profile). And the final step will be to decide if I frame it, or build my own creative framing from found objects. Need to ponder on that....


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Jackie said...

WOW WOW!! I love it right here!!1 I never thought from the original...I'm gonna have to try this too!! Love it my friend!and you too!