Monday, September 16, 2013

Mixed Media Surface Techniques with Seth Apter

The two completed sheets of painted/textured watercolor paper. Deciding which section to cut for the collage.

Cutting roughly a 10x11 size to use as collage. Liked the reds and purples in this section.

The pieces waiting for a new design. Just like making your own puzzle.

Choosing some words to incorporate. Office supply ink stamps on silk ribbon. We'll see if it works.

Yes, I like how adding the gel medium to aadhere it to the substrate made the ink bleed a bit.

And now the mediative process of adhering each piece of cut paper to the substrate (watercolor paper) to build the collage. I cut some wovwn ribbon to add. Flipped one piece over so it showed the metallic threads. See upper left and right side near the word "Draft." I can see this is a "be patient this will take some time" step.


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