Thursday, September 12, 2013

Painted Grid with Seth Apter

This is the mixed media painted grid I produced from Seth Apter's DVD "Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques." You'll see in my next post how I applied texture using gesso and other tools of choice. I already have everything in my studio to complete this project, except for the textured wallpaper Seth uses. I will be adding that to my stash soon.

This is painted on a large sheet of watercolor paper. I have viewed the entire video and I can testify that when Seth says he loves working in layers that he means it. As I was watching him demonstrate techniques I found myself saying outloud, "Are you kidding me? Is there more? We're not done yet?" I mean this in a surprised, and good way. He builds from the basement upand he keeps building until he's soaring off the rooftop. If you get his video you'll see that this painted grid is merely the beginning to building layers and a great finished piece.



Jackie said...

Gorgeous colors!!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Reminds me of falls and the quilt colors the Amish women make here. Thanks for stopping by.

Seth said...

Great to see this grid Darlene. Looking forward to seeing more steps along the way!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Seth, I've decided I need to make September "Seth Apter" month because after I finish this I have your journal DVD to work through. I have already thought of many ways I could utilize these textured papers. You obviously see I'm having a good time. Thanks!